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The Jim Hagerty Show: ‘Convicting a Murderer’ will prove Teresa Halbach died at Avery’s Auto Salvage

(City Tribune) — Jim Hagerty weighs in on “Convicting a Murderer” in the reboot of “The Jim Hagerty Show.”

In this episode, Jim comments on the claim that the 10-part “Making a Murderer” is a way for Candace Owens to attack Steven Avery’s character.

Hagerty also does a brief dive into cell tower data and Teresa Halbach’s phone records and how they pertain to the message the photographer left on Barb Janda’s answering machine at 11:43 a.m., Oct. 31, 2005.

Does this message, and how it was edited in “Making a Murderer,” play a role in how “Convicting a Murderer” will show that Halbach died at Avery’s Auto Salvage? Find out in this episode of “The Jim Hagerty Show.”